Taking A Limo Out In Small Town USA

Ever wonder why you see a limo driving around in small town USA?  I mean typically you just don’t see limousines riding around in small towns like you do the big cities.  There are many opportunities to need a limo in a big city, because who wants to drive in all that traffic?

But in smaller towns, when you see someone in a limousine, you wonder many times who it might be or what the heck they may be doing.  Is it someone famous?  Or is it someone who would like to be noticed?

There are many reasons people take these luxurious rides.  Some of the typical uses are weddings.  No one wants to ride around after their wedding in their nasty ol hoopty, so a nice stretch might be a perfect addition to someones wedding party.

One use that you typically see in small towns is the funeral.  Many funeral homes use limos to get people to and from the funeral home.  I certainly hope most people get to experience a limo before that final ride.

Here in Auburn, we see many people getting a ride into town from Birmingham Limousine Service  to the Auburn football games to tailgate.  That way they can have a few drinks and enjoy the game then drive a couple hours back to Birmingham safely.

Many people like to make a special occasion for their kids for events such as homecoming and highschool prom.  Proms and high school events can be extremely dangerous for kids to be out late and be on the road.

Many parents like the peace of mind that a limo can provide.  The driver can pick the kids up at a central location to save time and cost, and the parents know where their kids are the whole time.

Professional drivers are like over paid baby sitters.  There are many companies that have special rates etcetera for these types of activities.  Because limo companies are booked many weeks  or even months in advance for prom and homecoming, the rates can be significantly higher than normal.

Think about it, a limo must make money and supply and demand take over on busy weekends.

Football season is very busy for these operations.  Many of these operations are family owned and they must book drivers in advance to take care of the load.

So next time you are wondering why a stretch or hummer or party bus is cruising around your small town, don’t give it much thought.  It is probably someone trying to entertain and enjoy life.

Or it may be for safety reasons.  Someone may be wanting a safe ride for their kiddos.


Alabama Power Bugs Pleasure Point

Nothing like a tight knit community especially when the lake is involved.

My family purchased a home in Pleasure Point park in 2007 and have enjoyed the lake life and met friends and built some awesome relationships with our neighbors.  This just doesn’t tend to happen on homes around the lake that are scattered  and seperated from one another.

So early in 2013, we get a letter from the park stating that their lease with Alabama Power would not be renewed.  That really bugged all of the residents there, because the park had been in existence for 40 years, and we expected that it would continue.

Hell, a lot of people had a lot of money invested in their homes and places.  Many of us had well over 100k and now they are just telling us to leave…NOT.

We banded together and hired lawyers and had our first hearing in September with a packed courtroom.  The judge granted and injunction and over the last couple of months, we have had depositions with several of the Alabama Power and Pleasure Point people.

One of the members of our class action, owner of Auburn Alabama Pest Control, was there with the depositions and Lousanne, who is the proprieter of the park.

Well she really screwed us.  It looks like she may have done a little underhanded dealing with Alabama Power.  Who knows, but we will find out.

See, the park had a long term lease with Alabama Power and for some reason the lease was terminated.  Now the power company wanted to blame it on sewage which is a bunch of bull shit,  No pun intended.

There was never really any sewage issues and we offered to put in a central system to take care of any non compliance, but they declined.

There is obviously some big plans for the park, but nobody is admitting anything from that side.  Pleasure point is a beautiful piece of property, and I am sure that there could be millions of dollars made from the sale of lots.  But, should that be done at the expense of the people that have invested there.

Truthfully, we know that our leases basically gave us little or no rights, but it has been implied by the owner of the park that things are as they always have been and the park will continue to flourish.

This has enticed people to invest.  There was a neighbor that literally purchased a home in the park for over 100k months before the announcement.   If they knew something was going down, why did she not impede the sale?


I guess we will find out soon enough, but the real issue is what are the residents going to do.  Everyone can find other lake homes and places to relocate, but then again the real issue is the friendships and the commraderie that we share in the park.

Building Homes in Small Towns